Monday, 7 September 2015

Dear Hilary

Dear Hilary,

Two years ago you transformed your home into a Wonderland for my birthday, 3 days ago the tea returned, this time with some different characters and a slightly smaller tea pot. I just wanted to write to say thank you. Thank you for the sandwiches, the scones, the brownies and the cake, the endless tea top ups and the wonderful company. You’ve seen me grow up from a tiny tot to this soon-to-be-university-nightmare and have always been around for those bits in between. I wouldn’t have wanted any other send off into the next stage of my life than sitting in your home with so many lovely people around me who I hope to see a lot more of once I move my entire life into your wonderful city in less than a fortnight…terrifying. I say that, and it’s true, I’m pretty freaked out by the whole idea but at the same time, it’s thanks to you, and all those other lovely friends and family nearby that I’m still planning on going. Who knows what I would be like right now if I was moving somewhere further from home…London is somewhere I feel happy in and yet it’s also somewhere new that I can’t wait to explore. Once I’ve moved in and settled down, my door will always be open to you and any wacky ideas you have for stuff to do around town.

This year has been a bit of a rollercoaster for me and some things definitely did not go to plan but when I think back on the two big events that threw things upside down for a bit, you were around after both of them. Helping mum and I recover in October after that horrible day with that ridiculous boy and only weeks ago when you stayed with us just after my operation. You are my fairy Godmother (pun intended) who appears in a puff of lovely smoke whenever something happens and some TLC is required and I couldn’t be more grateful. You go out of your way to be around and even when the cake doesn’t quite go to plan and the marmite goes missing, you don’t let that stop you from holding that tea party.

So I just wanted to say thank you. You’re the best Godmother a girl could wish for and I can’t wait to spend a lot more time with you in this city you, and soon I will, call home.

Lots of love and see you soon,


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