About Me

Dear Friend,

Welcome to my Blog! 

My name is Ellie-May. I began blogging in summer 2014 because I felt the need for my own space in the world to write. Where my thoughts and feelings could be heard and I could reach out to others with my words. Letters are special and with the ever-growing use of social media, I feel they are slowly fading away. I decided to create my own little corner of the internet where I could bring this way of writing back in some way. Where I can talk directly to the part of my life that has been filling my thoughts, whether that part is a real person, someone imaginary or something more abstract. I like to let my imagination run wild. So I do. I have always been creative and writing is a wonderful form of art. So when I’m not singing or reading or experimenting in the kitchen, I’m here, expressing how I feel.

Since their beginning, my letters have become my safe haven. The place I go when I want to release, when my anxiety is too much and I want to see if anyone else feels the same. It's a place for me to help myself but also, to help others like me. Recently turned 20, and having just dropped out of university after three months of trying and crying, it is here that I write to friends, family, myself and the world.

It's a big ol' world out there. A lot can and does happen. These are my letters to that world and those wanting to read them.

Lots of love

P.S. If you want to find me, I have a Facebook page, a Twitter page and an Instagram...ooh, and I'm also on Bloglovin' and have an email address (just in case you feel like a chat :) )