Sunday, 10 August 2014

Dear Little Friend

Dear Little Friend,

This is just a quick note to say, as I sit here next to you, 5 years old with the whole of your life ahead of you, although the world is not filled with dinosaurs and little sand creatures, it is full of other wonderful adventures.

You're just learning to read and write and although you don't know it now, as I didn't know it when I was five, those skills are two of the most magical skills you will ever learn. I hope when you're bigger you follow in my creative footsteps (not the science steps of your uncle, my brother...even if he is very clever).

I hope that, whatever you do with your life, you are happy. You are the funniest little madam I have ever had the pleasure of seeing grow up and I can't wait for the years and years to come watching you become a, perhaps slightly grumpy, teenager and a lovely, clever and wonderful young lady.

More than all of this though, I hope the memories of your days at your Auntie Ellie's house never fade.

Much Love, Your Aunty

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